Travis Alexander 

Justice 2013

Pour Some Sugar On Me 1987
Def Leppard


 Travis Alexander was a motivational speaker with a twist. He was asked to do a skit on Eddie Snell, a fictitious character for TeamRenew for Pre-Paid Legal/LegalShield.  He then came up with Eddie Snell from Alabama, donning a big, black curly mullet with black sunglasses and a black T-shirt, leaving the crowd roaring.  He put a spin on 'The 10 Core Commitments', which he renamed 'The 10 Poor Commitments' to fit the character. For those in Pre-Paid Legal / LegalShield, it makes more sense and you will find this hilarious. For others that didn't know him, this is another side of Travis that people have come to love and remember him by. He inspired many others to follow the road to their dreams.

“This was a really fun role he would do to help make sales training interesting instead of it being boring. He was really engaging. We decided to put it together on video and make it something fun and interesting for people to see.” Tyler Farnsworth

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