Travis Alexander 

Justice 2013

Please Support Travis and his Family

"I can honestly say that I awake every single day happy. I am motivated by it, to make it a day better than the last. To go to bed better than I woke up and to do it all over again the next day."  Travis Victor Alexander

The Travis Alexander Legacy Fund has been set up by his dear friends Chris Hughes and Taylor Searle to raise funds for the Alexander family and the legacy of Travis Alexander. The proceeds go directly to his family to help them financially during trial with their travel and expenses from California to Arizona. A PayPal account  and a mail account has been set up for them where you can help donate for them to see their process through in justice for Travis. Also, if you want to send your condolences you may do so at the same addresses. The Alexander family has 100% access to all donations. Please pray for them and Justice For Travis in 2013. Thank you!


Memorial Fund To Help the Alexander Families Costs 

Travis Alexander Legacy Fund


Travis Alexander Legacy Fund

2036 N. Gilbert Road, Suite 2-621
Mesa, Arizona 85203

Tanisha Sorenson
700 E. Redlands Blvd. STE U 304
Redlands, CA. 92373

A message  from Travis's sister, Tanisha(March 30):

(posted from The State vs Jodi Arias on Facebook)

I just want to come on here again and tell you all how much gratitude and love I have for all of you. The thoughtfulness of all of you is so amazing to me. I look at all the pictures with the blue ribbons all over the world, all the blue spread around the world, all the love spread around the world and it humbles my heart. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. Our family have gotten many cards, gifts, donations, drawings, pictures, poems, jewelry, letters, pins, frames and lots of love, and it makes me know that goodness out weighs the evilness. I just want you to know that if these things come to me in My PO box then you will be getting a thank you card from me, even if it takes a while, I have been personally writing each one out and sending them because I am really truly grateful to you. I Know Travis is so happy right now and watching over us and he sees and feels the support you have for him and our family.

So to all of you all over the world, I Love you. God bless you and your families!! Justice For Travis!!! Happy Easter!!

Last Christmas(2007), his brother Steven, who is serving in the Army, told Travis he was afraid of dying. "He wasn't and said he was ready at any time and would have no regrets," Steven Alexander said. "He was humble and he cared a lot about his family. If anybody needed help, he was there for him. He inspired a lot of people."

"Everyone loved Travis," said Samantha Alexander, his sister who is a Carlsbad, Calif., police officer. "His life was about helping other people and making the world a better place. He was a great person and very religious. This doesn't usually happen to people like him."

You're Not the Only One
The Badlees (The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time)

I will make a comment ! These are my words only. this is not from any of the Alexander family. or even from my wife Tanisha. they are all emotionally drained.
at the same time they are overwhelmingly grateful ! to the court, to judge Stevens, to the jurors all of them, especially to Juan Martinez, to the Attorney General of Arizona, who they will be meeting with very shortly, to prepare themselves emotionally mentally, for the re trial of the therd phase, the penalty phases. this will be even harder on them then what they've experienced during the past phases of this trial. if ever they needed the world's love and support of the overwhelming majority that have been there for them. it would be this re trial of the penalty phase. please keep the family continually in your hearts, in your prayer as the fight for justice is not just for Travis alone, but for the past and future victims of the world that the DP can be respected, and upheld when it truly is warranted. let goodness prevail over evil, we love you, and deeply respect the overwhelming support . god bless true victims and justice for Travis Alexander. thank you. Harold Sorenson

“Our hearts are full of gratitude with the people who are donating and praying for people they don’t even know, but that they want to help see justice for our family."

Tanisha Alexander-Sorenson

This is the last time I saw my brother. He made me take the pic and I didn't want to because I thought I looked like crap. 2 1/5 weeks before he was ripped out of our lives... Now I cherish this pic and I'm glad he talked me into to taking it. He posted it on "MySpace" right before he was died. Love you trav.
Samantha Alexander

I know Travis only hoped to change one life. He never would of thought he could change the world. People across the globe have been influenced by him. Travis believed every single one of us was created to be successful. We all have different lives and trials. We just have to get there. Travis has a legacy. It's up to us to make sure it survives. You were born to be great, it is your destiny. Thank you all for everything. Your support, your prayers, your words and your love. Justice for Travis.

dit text. Steven Alexander

"He was a really good example of how you are supposed to live." 
Hillary Wilcox